April 20, 2017 News

2017 Research Recognizes 10 Pound Gorilla as a Leader in SEO

Clutch, a company which identifies leading software and professional service firms through an in-depth research processes, released their ranking of the “Leading Seattle/Portland & Denver SEO Firms of 2017,” recognizing 10 Pound Gorilla as a leading SEO firm in the Denver area.

Quality search engine optimization, or SEO, is not an easy feat to accomplish. In today’s world it is crucial for companies to reap the benefit of appearing on a Google search, otherwise how do we even know they exist? 10 Pound Gorilla’s team of experts leverage web design, coding, content creation, and marketing in their SEO strategies to maximize their results.

According to Mark, one of 10 Pound Gorilla’s SEO experts,

“SEO is an art. Masters of SEO rely on the fundamentals of SEO, but may take a slightly different approach for each client to ensure their clients edge out the competition. Unlike large agencies, 10 Pound Gorilla considers a client’s entire digital and web strategies in our SEO plan of action to maximize ROI.”

Clutch assessed 10 Pound Gorilla’s technical certifications, experience level, and market presence in SEO. Clutch analysts interviewed clients, inquiring how 10 Pound Gorilla faces challenges, strategizes, and executes SEO campaigns. After analysis of the SEO companies in the Denver area, 10 Pound Gorilla rose to the top as leader.

According to Cassidi, President of 10 Pound Gorilla,

“After receiving recognition from Clutch, we have found a new can’t-stop us energy, driving us to remain a leader in SEO. We strive to be the best year after year for our clients.”

Since the founding of 10 Pound Gorilla in 2003, the company has made quite the splash in web design and digital marketing. It’s not enough to design and code a site. All aspects of a customer’s digital presence must be considered to ensure success. 10 Pound Gorilla works with each client to understand the ins and outs of their organization and make sure the client has a website, content, and marketing strategy to make them stand out year after year.

Often, new business is acquired through client referral. 10 Pound Gorilla is grateful to their clients for building awareness of their integrity and success. However, validation from research experts, who acknowledge 10 Pound Gorilla’s ability to achieve results on the web, confirms they should keep doing what they love best.