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Websites that are not ADA-compliant risk potential lawsuits and missed opportunities with both current and potential customers.

Laptop showing a wheelchair user at the bottom of a staircase

10 Pound Gorilla is hosting a two-part webinar on website accessibility. Sign up to attend and/or receive the recordings. Discover essential insights, benefits, and how to become compliant and shield your website from costly lawsuits.

Webinar Part 1 A Guide to Website Accessibility

With 16% of internet users experiencing disabilities, neglecting website accessibility can prove to be a costly oversight for businesses. Just like public spaces, websites are subject to legal standards ensuring access for everyone. Failure to do so renders websites vulnerable to ADA lawsuits, typically resulting in settlements averaging $100,000.

Join us for a comprehensive webinar where we will explore the significance and benefits of ADA accessibility. We'll examine a range of web accessibility tools designed to ensure compliance for your sites, discuss the advantages and drawbacks of each, and talk through the basics of how to make your site compliant.

Webinar Part 2 Make Your Website Design Accessible & ADA Compliant

Website accessibility starts with good design and ends with well-implemented code. We will explore the core aspects of accessible website design, touching on critical topics such as color contrast, images, links, form labels, and typography. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the necessary adjustments required to accommodate the diverse needs of all users, simultaneously shielding your website from potential legal liabilities.

Webinar Registration

Date: April 4th & 11th, 2024

Time: 2PM to 3PM EST

Location: Virtually via Zoom

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