What Has 10 Pound Gorilla Been Up To & Why It Can Help You Grow

10 Pound Gorilla partners with interesting companies around the globe allowing us to learn the ins and outs of a variety of businesses. We leverage this experience to help our clients stand out in the digital space. We would like to highlight Live Green to illustrate digital marketing and development best practices.  

Live Green is a referral marketing e-commerce platform focused on making natural and organic food products affordable for everybody. 10 Pound Gorilla partnered with Live Green to focus on optimizing Live Green’s digital presence.

Here are a few digital tasks we have tackled and why:

  • WHAT: 10 Pound Gorilla configured the SharpSpring Lead Generation Software to scrape form and purchase data on Live Green’s suite of 3 websites.
    • WHY: The scrapped data is critical in customizing marketing messages and promotions to users and providing a mechanism for Affiliates to nurture and engage leads. Customized messages have a significantly higher conversion rate.
  • WHAT: 10 Pound Gorilla designed, coded and crafted messaging for over 14 emails. Once the emails were completed, an automated workflow was configured to add and remove users from an email drip campaign based on their behaviors. 
    • WHY: Email drip campaigns significantly increase subscriber conversation rates. Just like traditional marketing, a series of impressions is often needed to convert a visitor.
  • WHAT: 10 Pound Gorilla designed, coded and crafted messaging for a promotional squeeze page. 
    • WHY: Properly designed squeeze pages help users focus on a desired action. Live Green needed to collect email addresses to trigger their email drip campaign. In order to increase the conversion rate of collected email addresses, we developed a squeeze page with a promotional offer to encourage a specific user behavior: email submission.
  • WHAT: 10 Pound Gorilla optimized the user experience and interface of the affiliate and member check out process, as well as the member and affiliate dashboard.
    • WHY: As users browse the web, they are trained to expect certain items in particular places. Streamlined user interfaces should follow expected actions to increase conversion rates. Additionally, identifying and properly displaying key content and data metrics on dashboard pages, allow users to find information easily and engage in products or services more effectively. The optimized dashboards provided users an easy and clear way to understand how to make or save money and earn key benefits.
  • WHAT: 10 Pound Gorilla installed and designed an advanced Google analytics implementation to measure page scroll, buttons clicked, detailed user path and custom goals to include revenue earned.
    • WHY: Specific and detailed analytics are critical in optimizing user experience and conversion rates.
  • WHAT: 10 Pound Gorilla implemented advanced javascript to track referring affiliates from any link, push referring affiliate UserID to form submissions, display dynamic content based on referring affiliate and show or hide specific pages based on user settings.
    • WHY: Javascript can be leveraged to accomplish otherwise complicated or impossible tasks in a much more time and cost-effective manner. Having a talented javascript developer is a must have in today’s digital space.

Images speak a thousand words. Check out these before and after screenshots of Live Green.

Before: Member Dashboard

Member Dashboard Before

After: Member Dashboard

Member Dashboard After

Before: Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliate Dashboard Before

After: Affiliate Dashboard


Affiliate Dashboard After


Visit our portfolio to see more examples of our work.

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