Two Decades of Web Development Excellence

As of May 1, 2024, 10 Pound Gorilla will celebrate its 21st year in operation, marking twenty years, or two full decades, of successful business in an ever-changing digital landscape. This milestone is significant for any organization, especially one thriving in constant change, with new technologies, platforms, and trends emerging regularly. As I reflect, I can narrow our success down to four factors:

  • Doing great work, consistently
  • Motivated by helping others succeed
  • Focusing on solving problems, not the problem itself 
  • Employing high-agency talent

I have never been in this business for the money. But I love a good challenge and the pride of a job well done. I get bored easily. So, I love immersing myself in the nuances of our clients' industries, keeping up with the never-ending change of the World Wide Web, and solving problems. 

Our job is to learn our clients' jobs. We become experts in what our clients do, enabling us to clearly articulate their website offerings, craft convincing marketing materials, and design and develop optimized user experiences. I am grateful for the opportunity to become an expert in many different disciplines and apply my knowledge across industries. Thanks to over 950 clients who entrusted our organization with their digital footprint. We appreciate your patience, dedication, and willingness to share your industry expertise. 

The World Wide Web undergoes daily transformations, encompassing shifts in trends, technology, news, and more. Change tends to alleviate boredom and present frequent challenges, leading to a need to solve problems. Success in this industry requires a genuine passion for problem-solving. If one focuses on the problem, the solution may never arise. However, by learning to solve problems, superpowers arise to debug anything. 

I am deeply grateful for our exceptional team of adept problem solvers who deliver unparalleled and effective web solutions. They embrace the 10 Pound Gorilla experience and exhibit dedication, excellence, leadership, and contribution. These individuals define 10 Pound Gorilla, providing an intangible quality our customers cherish while consistently delivering exceptional work. 

Although seemingly simple, properly executing the four above principles requires a unique group of high-agency leaders. Attracting and identifying such talent is not a matter of chance but rather a science acquired through the guidance of a skilled colleague, Ned Liston.  I am immensely grateful for his wisdom, as it is the foundation of our success.

Over two decades, we've experienced highs and lows. We began our journey from humble beginnings and earned our way to greater heights. I am grateful to the mom-and-pop companies that believed in us and the publicly traded companies that now consider us part of their team. Initially, it was one logo, one brochure, and one small website that laid the cornerstone of our success. Today, our presence burns brightly around the globe, earning the trust of small and large organizations worldwide. 

We are 10 Pound Gorilla, “Using Strategy to Gain Power.” Small, mighty, witty, and keen, we serve the World Wide Web with dedication, passion, mentorship, and leadership. Through the years, we have adapted to mobile and tablet devices via responsive design and code, demands for accessibility through ADA-compliant code, and ever-evolving coding best practices by ditching tables and embracing divs. We are at the precipice of artificial intelligence (AI) redefining reality and threatening the work we know today. As an organization, we embrace change and adapt to possibilities. We choose to become leaders in this digital evolution rather than face death in the everchanging tide. As we enter our 21st year, we look forward to sharing our knowledge to help you ride the technological wave with awareness, forethought, and preparedness. 

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