February 06, 2018 News, Marketing, Web Development

2018 DNN Summit Sessions

Whether you're a seasoned veteran, a beginner, or just simply looking to learn more, DNN Summit has something to for everyone to learn, grow, and connect with each other.

Below you'll find a downloadable pdf of our team's sessions if you'd like to follow along or reference them for later.

headacheFree.css — Ben Schmidt

While it might sound like one of the other million css frameworks out there, headacheFree.css isn't so much a framework but a way of thinking. Writing css that's easily manageable, scalable, and headache free is always an end goal that we start out each project with high hopes for but as the site grows and client changes keep rolling in, what started off clean and pretty is now a huge mess, that even you, the one who wrote it, struggles to maintain efficiently. This headacheFree.css methodology will walk you through naming conventions, syntax, organization, and best practices so you can keep your css headache free.


Lead Generation: 101 – Cassidi Peterson

Lead Generation is a must have in today's competitive digital landscape. The "Rule of Seven" still applies. In order to maximize your digital ad spend, you must capture email addresses to begin your seven steps to success. We will review email capture best practices and walk through lead generation configuration and campaign development.

It is critical user data is associated to email addresses in order to segment your email lists and send targeted drip campaigns. As part of the "Rule of Seven," we will briefly touch on re-marketing and other recommendation tools leveraged to enhance brand awareness.


Digital Marketing with the Google PPC Suite – Cassidi Peterson

Many businesses fail to leverage Google’s entire product suite and miss out on the best digital marketing opportunities available. PPC is much more than Google Search. Video, aka YouTube, is one of the most underutilized medias available to marketers. Often video ad views are $.02 -.05$ per view. Did you know you can use Google to send custom Gmail emails to audiences based on websites they have visited, demographics or affinity lists? Don’t forget the power of remarketing? What is remarketing, you say? Your not alone. Most businesses have no idea this amazing tool is available.

In this session, we will cover Google PPC opportunities, best practices and industry trends. And for some icing on the cake: We will discuss landing page optimization to ensure you maximize your ROI by increasing conversions.