Beyond Facebook and Twitter, Get "In" with Social Media

Recently we have been spending more time on LinkedIn trying to better maximize 10 Pound Gorilla's Social Media presence. For those of you who only do Facebook and Twitter, its time to look outside the box and see what opportunities your missing.

Facebook and Twitter are certainly great introductions to the social media world, but, for many businesses, that’s not where social media stops. Not everyone likes to "Like" something or to Twitter a Tweet. Maybe you could say some prefer... Less Social and More Work.

LinkedIn is our new passion. We find we can offer sound advice to people interested in 10 Pound Gorilla services and have slowly established ourselves as an industry leader with consistent comments, feedback and articles. LinkedIn offers groups that allow you to find like-minded people looking to share themed information. We have joined website development, SEO, DNN, online marketing and other groups. Within these groups topics are started that include giving and receiving advice, great resources and latest news. Users comment, share and add to topics.

Our efforts on LinkedIn have far surpassed other social media platforms in returning a high ROI. The more time we spend, the more money we return. We are making great progress in developing strong relationships with new customers. We are able to learn from other experts as well as share our knowledge with potential customers.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which are used for a variety of reasons, LinkedIn focuses on business. Their user groups help focus content and users so topics are direct, user-friendly and helpful. It is a great B2B online resource.

Like any online marketing campaign, there is strategy in social media too. It’s not as simple as "Set it up, and they will come". Even if you have endless "Likes" what messages are you sending to your audience. Do you engage them? Beyond "likes" where does your potential customer reside and have you looked past the rough to find the diamond.  Are your customers more Social or more Business? Are you reaching the right people with the right message in the right environment?

10 Pound Gorilla would love to help you better understand your market and how to reach them. 

That's bananas!