August 24, 2014 Marketing

Getting The Conversion

1. Messaging — Determining Your Users Needs

If you haven't determined your target audience, then start here. With out a target audience, you're products are just going to get lost in space. Narrow down your audience and then narrow it down more. This is going to help users actually find your product.

Ask yourself, "What does your audience want?" Not just what you think they want. Ask for for feedback and what they'd like to see.

This is going to help in the next two steps with determining what you should say and how you show it off.

2. Just Tell Them

It might sound simple but this step is often taken too far with copy all over the place. Too much copy distracts and overwhelms users from seeing what is you do and why they should choose you.

Highlight what is you do and display your key services or products. In doing so, remember "less is more". Remove any irrelevant copy and distracting links — Be straightforward!

Your goal here is to just show them what they're looking for while highlighting key points about why your goods are superior. Be sure to include CTA's (Call-to-Actions) to learn more or to "buy now".

3. Now Show Them

Now that you've got their attention. Show Off!

Provide links to your portfolio or case studies. What a user clicked on might not be what exactly what they're looking for, but you might still offer it, so if there's any related products, include those as well.

Reviews and testimonials can go miles — This is not only going to make you more trust worthy, but it's going to show the potential customer what they can expect and how it can solve their problem.

4. Push for the Sale

Just getting their attention and getting them interested isn't enough. You need to actually "ask for the sale".

Too many times sites loose out on conversion rates due to the simple fact that they never actually asked the user to purchase or subscribe, ect.

Include easy-to-see buttons that essentially ask the user to make a conversion — buy now, get a quote, subscribe, ect.

Other Hints & Tips

Wording is huge, especially in E-commerce. Here's a few suggestions to help boost your conversion rates.

  • Add a price drop (i.e. 20% Off Today Only)
  • Include "free" if possible. Instead of saying "sign-up" say "Sign Up for Free"
  • Adding arrows to CTAs can increase conversion rates by up to 20%

If you'd like some help with content messaging or would to get a new layout, give us a call or contact us for a free consultation.