July 02, 2019 Marketing

Increase E-commerce Sales with Nosto’s Content Personalization

Are you looking to enhance your online retail experience by tailoring it to the unique preferences of your website visitors? Meet Nosto, the world's foremost AI-powered personalization platform for digital commerce and retail. It's not magic, but it can certainly make your wishes come true. Nosto is at the forefront of transforming the world of e-commerce by providing real-time recommendations and customized content to your website's visitors.

Nosto meticulously tracks the behavior of visitors to your online store and creates individualized profiles for each customer. This empowers Nosto to showcase and recommend products that align with their shopping interests. These tailored recommendations follow your customers throughout their digital journey, from their email inbox to social media and right on your website, encouraging them to add these items to their cart. Your customers will feel like you've read their minds.

So, how can Nosto help boost your online sales? Let's dive into some compelling statistics that underscore the importance of personalization in the online shopping experience:

  • Easier Product Discovery: A substantial 59% of online shoppers believe it's easier to discover interesting products when a website uses personalization.
  • Customer Retention: 56% of online shoppers are more likely to return to your site when personalized product recommendations are in place.
  • Providing Value: 53% of online shoppers view retailers who offer personalized shopping experiences as providing a valuable service.
  • Increased Conversions: 45% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase on a site that offers personalized product recommendations.

With Nosto's AI technology, your customers will feel like they have a personal shopper guiding them through their entire shopping journey, both in-store and online. Here's how Nosto achieves this:

  1. On-site Product Recommendations: By analyzing the browsing and purchasing behavior of each visitor using cookies, Nosto creates individual customer profiles. Once it understands your visitors' interests, Nosto's widgets display relevant products.
  2. On-site Content Personalization: You can personalize every element of your online store, including navigation bars, banners, videos, copy, checkout pages, graphics, and logos.
  3. On-site Pop-ups: Utilize features like limited-time special offers and one-time discounts to reduce site abandonment and increase conversions.
  4. Facebook & Instagram Ads: Elevate your social media advertising by using Nosto's AI and machine learning to target customer groups most likely to convert, showcasing customized products based on their browsing history.
  5. Email Marketing: Leverage personalized email marketing strategies and automation to deliver tailored emails to each customer, adapting content and products to their preferences.
  6. Segmentation & Insights: Nosto provides valuable insights to help you understand your customers better, enabling you to create targeted segments and reach similar customers.
  7. In-store Personalization: Combine in-store data with online shopping behavior to offer a seamless shopping experience, bridging the gap between your physical and digital stores.
  8. Mobile App Personalization: Nosto can personalize the shopping experience directly within your native mobile app, progressive web app, or single page app.

So, how does Nosto work its magic? It's powered by Nosto's E-commerce Intelligence Engine, a technology that has been meticulously refined over the past seven years by a team of engineers, data scientists, and PhDs. This engine, based on patented and proprietary technology, analyzes every customer interaction across various touchpoints. Leveraging advanced machine learning, Nosto builds a deep understanding of your customers, enabling real-time predictive capabilities that drive increased customer engagement and, ultimately, higher revenues.

The results speak for themselves. Take Crossbreed Holsters, a nationally recognized holster company, for example. After implementing Nosto with the help of 10 Pound Gorilla, they experienced a remarkable $750,000 increase in sales compared to the previous year. It's clear that e-commerce personalization, powered by Nosto, is a mission worth undertaking.

Join the ranks of 2,500+ online retailers and discover the unparalleled return on investment that comes with Nosto. Let 10 Pound Gorilla assist you in implementing Nosto, unlocking increased revenue, an average 700% return on investment, and a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more. Contact us for a demonstration today.

Glossary of Terms


Small files that store data specific to a user's interaction with a website, allowing for personalized content and carrying information between visits.