Proud Sponsor of DNN Summit 2017

10 Pound Gorilla is proud to announce our support of DNN Summit 2017 with a platinum sponsorship. Best of all, DNN Summit will be held in 10 Pound Gorilla’s local stomping grounds, Denver, Colorado.

What is DNN Summit?

If you’ve stayed up to date with the gorillas, then you know we’ve been heavily involved in past DNN conferences, most recently, DNNCon. DNN Summit is just the next step in the evolution of the DNN conferences, with a goal of bringing in a broader audience and knowledge base to help grow and introduce new users to the DNN Platform. DNN Summit welcomes people of all backgrounds to share and connect with each other while learning about the latest design, development, marketing and administrative trends dominating both DNN and the web as a whole.

10 Pound Gorilla’s Role

We’ve always felt that community is important and wanted to step up our efforts. The DNN conferences were dwindling and there was more talk than action. So we stepped in, organized and stoked the fires. We have played a key role in the evolution of DNNCon to DNN Summit. We've spearheaded a group of other DNN enthusiasts whom collectively formed a non-profit association and have created a vision for the next round of DNN conferences. We have taken on the task of organizing and putting on this event to help make it run more efficiently, increase attendance and create a seamless process for future conferences. A lot of hard work has gone into this and we couldn't be more excited for how it's turning out.

As for 10 Pound Gorilla, our key role in DNN Summit 2017 has been coordination, paid online marketing strategies and design and development of the website.

There's Something for Everyone at DNN Summit

Whether you're a seasoned veteran, a beginner, or just simply looking to learn more, DNN Summit will help you learn, grow and connect with others.

We’re excited to see all our fellow DNNers, web enthusiasts, and teachers — both old and new. So grab your skis and snowboards, DNN Summit is coming! We've added a social event "DNN on the Slopes" to follow the conference.

Post-Event Update

We loved seeing all our fellow DNNers, web enthusiasts, and teachers — both old and new. So after some much needed relaxation from DNN on the slopes, you can go ahead and download all of 10 Pound Gorilla's sessions below. If you have any questions or would like some more info on our sessions, feel free to reach out to any of the Gorillas!

Our Sessions

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