June 03, 2016 Marketing

The Art of Retargeting: How it works and Why You Should Retarget

What is retargeting?

Ever wonder why those shoes you’ve been eyeing for the last couple of days keep popping up as advertisements on various websites you go to? There’s a simple concept for that, it’s called retargeting. Retargeting is used in online advertising to show viewers content they have viewed on previous sites they have looked at. Say, for example, you went to 10poundgorilla.com to peruse digital marketing services to help your budding business turn into an elite market contender. Ultimately, you decide now is not the time to contact 10 Pound Gorilla about these services and you leave the site. Then, while you are surfing the web over the next couple of days, you come across various advertisement for 10 Pound Gorilla. You have been retargeted.

How effective is retargeting?

There are a multitude of reasons you should leverage retargeting, here are a few:

  1. Online web conversion stands at roughly 2 percent, which means almost everybody who visits your site will leave without following through with a transaction. However, remarketing may increase conversion rates by 147%.
  2. Retargeted people are 4X more likely to covert than new customers.
  3. 72 percent of customers leave a website without purchasing the items in their cart, and of those people, a mere 8 percent return to make the purchase.
  4. 3 out of 5 U.S. online buyers say they notice ads for products they looked up on other sites, proof that retargeting is effective.
  5. People are 70 percent more likely to convert on your website as a result of retargeted ads.
  6. Retargeted ads lead to a 1046% increase in branded search.
  7. Websites see a 726% increase in site visitation after just 4 weeks.
  8. Retargeting can boost ad response up to 400%.

The bottom line… Retargeting is extremely effective. If you leverage the power of remarketing in combination with your traditional digital advertising you will see a significant increase in your overall return on investment (ROI) and conversions.

How does retargeting work?

Retargeting is the most direct way to try to convert a website visitor into a paying customer. It’s a process that would be beneficial to any business who wants their visitor to take a specific action such as buy something, contact them or engage in site content. The first step of the process is to drop a pixel-based cookie on your website that is generated by remarketing networks such as Google or Facebook. Then, when someone visits your website, the cookie adds the visitor to the Google or Facebook remarketing list. When the visitor leaves your page Google and Facebook serve up ads to your visitor through their partner network. As your visitor surfs the web, your ad appears and retargets them. By retargeting your ads to past visitors, who are already familiar with your business, it is more likely these individuals, rather than those who have never been to your site, will return to your site and convert.

The big question here is: Why should you retarget to your visitor?

The numbers speak for themselves. Retargeting leads to more conversions and maximizes your ROI. Sometimes your visitors are not in the “take action” mood when on your website. However, that does not mean they are not wanting or willing to purchase your product or services. Are you more likely to buy a product or service on a whim? Or are you more likely to buy a product or service your familiar with and have researched? Retargeting reminds your visitor that your services or products still exist and makes them easily accessible. Retargeting makes it hard for potential customers to forget about you. If all else has failed to convince you to remarket, consider low cost brand awareness. Unless someone clicks on your ad, you get FREE advertising.

So, what is stopping you. Get started today. Contact 10 Pound Gorilla and let the experts get your remarketing campaign dialed for success. Or, if you’re still confused or unsure about how retargeting can benefit your website, ask 10 Pound Gorilla. We are eager to help maximize your ROI and help your business become an elite market contender, so get started on your retargeting plan today!