DNN Summit 2021 Follow-Up

We had a great time virtually seeing everyone at this year's DNN Summit, held online for the first time. There were attendees and presenters from all over the world. 10 Pound Gorilla was proud to sponsor such a successful event. We encourage you to consider attending in the future if learning about marketing or web development could benefit you.

Cassidi Peterson gave two compelling presentations. One was an eye-opening approach to marketing outside the box and the other was on optimizing the user experience of websites. You can download her presentations here:

  1. Marketing Outside the Box
  2. Maximize your User's Experience for Optimal ROI

Our Creative Director, Breanna Gilna, gave a very popular two-part presentation on UI/UX myths. She covered techniques on how to create smart, marketable, and conceptual work for online visual communication. Want to get an idea of what she discussed? Download her presentations here:

  1. Design Around UX Myths - For Success Part I
  2. Design Around UX Myths - For Success Part II

Chris Behling, our lead front-end developer, gave an overview on converting your front-end development environment to leverage SCSS and presented very useful tips for ensuring your site is ready to go live. Download his presentations here:

  1. Advanced CSS — Leveraging SCSS
  2. A Front-End Developers Checklist Before Going Live

Designer and front-end developer Laura Pierson covered how to take some of the headaches out of writing CSS while also future-proofing your website. Download her presentation here:

  1. Headache-Free CSS

Last but definitely not least, technical manager Mark Saunders gave a high-level overview of implementing the new Google Analytics v4 using Google Tag Manager.

That's bananas!