August 24, 2014 Marketing

Why Should You Have a Newsletter?

Newsletters provide a cost effective way to maintain relationships with your customers and build referrals.

The cost of acquiring a new customer can be as much as 5 times the cost of keeping an old one.
(source: Peppers & Rogers)

It's a lot easier and more cost effective to grow your business through increasing revenue and referrals from existing customers than seeking new customers. So if you're struggling to increase your revenue through other web-based tactics, newsletters could be what you need.

Maintaining Your Relationships

Bigger competitors can easily buy their way into your market, but what they can't do is take away from your existing relationships which is one of the most valuable things your business has.

Use this opportunity to help reinforce your brand, products, and services...Show Your Personality & what makes your company unique. This keeps your company on your customers minds and provides you with a chance to show off what you've done or what you're doing.

Perhaps best off all, it's an easy way to promote any specials you have going on. If you're having a sell, offering discounts or added any new products…Let them know!

Use your newsletter to hype up your web and print materials. This gives you the advantage of reaching those customers who don't frequent your website or may have missed out on any of your other marketing methods.

Low Cost & Huge Audience

Newsletters are relatively cheap to set up and can be a great alternative to more expensive forms of marketing. If you already have a collection of emails, implementing a newsletter is a great and effective way to stay in touch with those existing customers.

Real-Time Statistics

Newsletters offer real-time statistics. So unlike traditional advertising and marketing methods, you know up-front who's opened what, who's clicked what, and all your conversion rates. So seeing whether you're getting a return on your investment is a piece of cake.

Check Out Our Past Success with Newsletters

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