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A Guide to Accessible Forms and Input on the Web

November 20, 2023 Web Development, Accessibility

Imagine trying to complete a form without being able to see it or struggling to input information due to motor challenges. This is the reality for many users with disabilities. Accessible forms ensure that everyone can seamlessly interact with websites and services regardless of their abilities.

Keyboard Accessibility - What You Need to Know

November 17, 2023 Web Development, Accessibility

Have you ever tried navigating a website without a mouse? It might sound challenging, but for many people, using a keyboard is their primary way of surfing the web. In this blog, we'll explore the importance of keyboard accessibility, its fundamental principles, and how it contributes to creating a more inclusive online experience.

How to Translate Your Website in Minutes

November 17, 2023 Web Development, Accessibility

Overcome the challenges of providing a multilingual website with a website translation tool. Learn about ConveyThis, a tool built to automate website translations. Learn about the set up and integration process, pricing and things to be aware of when looking for a translation tool.

Fundamentals of ARIA Tags

November 17, 2023 Web Development, Accessibility

The internet has become an essential aspect of our everyday lives, providing an extensive range of information and services. However, not everyone experiences the web in the same way. For individuals with disabilities, navigating websites can present significant challenges. This is where ARIA tags come into play, acting as silent heroes behind the scenes to make the online world more accessible to everyone.

10 Common UX Myths

September 10, 2019 UI/UX Design, Accessibility

UX Design stands for User Experience Design and is the process of designing products that are delightful for users to interact with and easy to use. We’re addressing 10 common UX myths floating around to help you separate right from wrong when it comes to designing your site.