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Identifying new donor and funding opportunities

About the Foundation

Established in 1996, the Grand Foundation seeks to improve the quality of the community in Grand County by addressing its residents' current and future needs. They have granted over $7.9 million to more than 150 qualified Grand County organizations, providing essential services and programs that touch thousands of lives.

Steps to success

1. Become familiar

The Grand Foundation was looking to connect and identify with new donor opportunities to increase their giving funds. 10 Pound Gorilla partnered with the Grand Foundation to do a total revamp of their brand and website with the goal of increasing engagement and attracting new donors.

2. Connecting with Residents

10 Pound Gorilla started by identifying the key takeaways and user groups of the Grand Foundation. The Grand Foundation collects and allocates donations for various causes and donations can be earmarked for those specific causes. The residents of Grand County are inherently passionate about where they live and their hobbies. Therefore, we crafted the slogan “Share Your Passion, Give to Your Community” to connect with donors on a personal level to encourage participation.

3. Promoting Their Impact

Another crucial step in connecting with the county and residents is establishing the Grand Foundation as the leader and go-to non-profit resource in Grand County. A business's stats and perceived relevance can play an important role in influencing whether a potential customer makes a purchase, or in this case, a donation. To help establish the Grand Foundation as the most reliable and responsible resource to manage non-profit activity, we gave prominence to the Grand Foundation’s stats and accomplishments throughout the site.

4. Exploring Ways to Give

After establishing a personal connection and trust with users, the next step was to highlight the different avenues for giving. Due to the variety of causes, funds and grant opportunities, we needed to showcase all options for donations: planned giving, purchasing a Grand Pass, volunteering, and so much more. Immediately on the home page, users are presented with different avenues of giving to encourage them to explore and learn more about the method of giving that best suits them.

Just wanted to let you know that the site debuted to wonderful, wonderful reviews. People came up to me after the presentation and said it was beautiful and well-organized, and I heard private conversations along those lines afterwards. Even the toughest critics in this huge group of 22 national grantees had their concerns/questions answered to their great satisfaction.

Jennifer Stedron Birth to Five Policy Alliance

I have worked with many firms over the years, and I can honestly say that I have never had the success and accuracy with any of them as I have had with 10 Pound Gorilla. Wouldn’t think of doing a project without them. They are quick, diligent, and really know their stuff! Which is great because then I can spend my time worrying about 100 other things.

Lisa Craig Public Consulting Group