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Latigo Ranch

Revitalizing a dusty identity to help stand out from the west

About Latigo

Latigo Ranch, a multi-award-winning guest ranch located in the heart of the Colorado Rockies specializes in fine food, spectacular views, outdoor activities, and an authentic western experience. We partnered with Latigo Ranch to help them stand out on the web just as much as they do in person through a redesign and development of their website.

Steps to success

1. Stand out

With so much competition in the surrounding areas, standing out as the top ranch can be a tough sell, but luckily Latigo has a legitimate claim to be at the top. They just needed some guidance and content expertise to get there.

2. Identify significance

To help Latigo Ranch sell all it has to offer, we started out by identifying their key selling points that make them stand out from the competition — most notably, their expansive terrain, breathtaking views, and 5-star hospitality.

3. Set the tone

From there we landed on a look and feel for them that’s upscale yet approachable through use of white space, clean fonts, bold imagery, and just a dash of that old western feel.

4. Do a deeper dive

Once we had a thorough understanding of what makes Latigo Ranch unique, we dialed in the overall look and feel of the website and took a deeper dive into their messaging and detailed content. By breaking out content by categories, we created layered messaging to make their complex offerings clear and concise to the end-user.

Rave Reviews

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