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CrossBreed Holsters is a nationally recognized holster company that specializes in hybrid holsters providing extreme comfort and accessibility.

10 Pound Gorilla was contracted to perform an audit and revamp CrossBreed’s e-commerce website. We did a thorough discovery of CrossBreed’s business model and customer purchase patterns to optimize their design, functionality, marketing, conversions, and business processes. This led to a significant increase in CrossBreed’s user base, conversion rate, and revenue.

36,000%Increase in Email Collection
120%Increase in Product Sales
$48,000Saved Annually with API Integration
80%Decrease in Adwords Cost-per-Conversion
Marketing Director
Nathan Engelking
“Our e-commerce website was dated, buggy and lacking. 10 Pound Gorilla drastically improved our online image and made our customer service department happy. We now have a seamless solution that works for all levels of our business. 10 Pound Gorilla continues to provide outstanding support and solutions to our everyday needs.”
Steps to 

CrossBreed’s success came through a combination of research and discovery to find out what was and wasn’t working. From there we implemented a redesign focusing on our findings and leveraging retargeting, adwords, engagement, and promotions. These efforts led to a dramatic increase in sales, revenue, and user retention.

Crossbreed Screenshot

10 Pound Gorilla was contracted to perform an audit and revamp of CrossBreed’s e-commerce website. We investigated CrossBreed’s business and customer purchase patterns to optimize design, functionality, marketing, conversions, and business processes. During the redesign, 10 Pound Gorilla considered these factors: usability, standardization, branding, cross-promotion, price points, content, engagement and ease of administration to include customer service interactions.

Additionally, 10 Pound Gorilla developed an affiliate and dealer program with extensive back-end customization to include commission reporting in addition to a customized billing system and referral tracking process. We designed and implemented several reporting tools to assist with shop floor control and daily resource planning, and also implemented a custom gift card program. Lastly, using an API, 10 Pound Gorilla integrated the shopping cart with Mailchimp and implemented email automation. Many critical data items, including products purchased, geographical location, birthdays, and dollar amount spent, are passed on to Mailchimp, helping to segment the email lists to target and enhance e-newsletter performance.

10 Pound Gorilla has also aided CrossBreed Holsters in their marketing efforts with dramatic success. We introduced and implemented Nosto, a product remarketing tool. Nosto is responsible for roughly $750,000 in sales over the last year. After convincing the client to revamp the cart checkout page, monthly sales increased by $61,000.

10 Pound Gorilla pitched a promotion giveaway leveraging a pop-over on site load and on exit. After implementing the pop-over, email collection increased 36,000%, equating to an additional $20,000 in revenue for every 14 days of emails collected.

Finally, we overhauled CrossBreed’s adwords and remarketing account. A nationally recognized firm had previously managed their account with an average of 1.4 conversions per day at $52 per conversion. Within one week, 10 Pound Gorilla had the cost-per-conversion down to $3 with an average of 15.5 conversions per day.

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