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Educational Partnerships

Educational Partnerships is part of Public Consulting Group’s (PCG) education department. They offer creative solutions and programs to boost student achievement while helping at-risk youth develop the educational skills. They also provide resources to instructors.

Program Director
Lisa Craig
“I have worked with many firms over the years, and I can honestly say that I have never had the success and accuracy with any of them as I have had with 10 Pound Gorilla. Wouldn’t think of doing a project without them. They are quick, diligent, and really know their stuff! Which is great because then I can spend my time worrying about 100 other things.”
Steps to 

10 Pound Gorilla's key roles with Public Consulting Group included designing and developing their public-facing websites and an intranet site for educators to access resources, events, and documents.

Educational Partnership’s main site is public facing and promotes a variety of educational solutions to help students and schools develop plans for success. 10 Pound Gorilla positioned Educational Partnership’s solutions front and center by utilizing color-coded sections to highlight each program's interactive elements, yielding the biggest ROI. From the home page, users can choose to explore solutions or build their own.

PCG Screenshot

a Custom Solution Form

With a site relying heavily on a custom-built solution, we knew an easy-to-use tool was paramount. The form needed to grow as users built their solution. Therefore, the form needed to be clear and easy to use. We followed our color-coded theme used on the website to identify the different products and solutions, creating easy recognition and readability.

Connecting Educators 
with the Resources They Need

Educational Partnership’s educators needed an easy and dynamic way to access internal documentation. We built an intranet site, which includes categorized events, resources, and documents. A message board helps keep instructors up to date.

PCG needed an easy way for parents to register kids for after school programs and summer camps. 10 Pound Gorilla created an online registration form that outputs PDFs for camp check-in. Additionally, we built a camp and after school attendance module that pulls registrants from the registration system.

PCG Registration Form Screenshot

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