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The Leading International Helicopter Organization

For more than 70 years, Helicopter Association International (HAI) has provided support, services and set the industry safety guidelines for the international helicopter community. With a network of over 25,000 members worldwide, HAI is the leading membership and resource website for the helicopter community.

Optimized The Membership Experience for 25,000+ HAI Members
Integrated Association Management & Learning Management via API
Concepted And Built a Photo Contest Application with Social Voting
Merged 5 Websites into 1 Cohesive Website with Seamless User Interface
Implemented A Robust Content Management System for Easy Administration
Designed And Developed a Dynamic Online Magazine and Resource Center
Steps to 

Helicopter Association International (HAI) is the leading membership and resource website for the helicopter community, with a network of over 25,000 members worldwide. With various resources scattered throughout the web—including the main website, five sister sites, and a new learning management software (LMS) and association management solution (AMS) — the Association wanted to improve their user experience and make content easier to find and promote. To meet this challenge, HAI partnered with 10 Pound Gorilla to enhance and synchronize their overall website experience.

10 Pound Gorilla created a unified experience with a complete website overhaul, brand enhancement, integration of single sign-on (SSO) for all 3rd-party services, and syncing of member and organization data via an application programming interface (API).

Screenshot of original HAI website
Screenshot of new HAI website by 10 Pound Gorilla

Maintaining the distinct characters of HAI’s multiple sister-sites was critical. Therefore, 10 Pound Gorilla optimized HAI’s menu to incorporate their five sister-sites and designed a user experience to seamlessly preserves multiple brand identities. We used color coding to allow users to easily identify various sections of the website and designed cohesive program logos to strengthen the overall HAI brand while maintaining the identity of each program.

Screenshot of new HAI Safety Accreditation landing page
Screenshot of new HAI Members landing page
Screenshot of new HAI Members Tools landing page
Screenshot of new HAI Heli-Expo landing page

HAI Program Logos

HFI Program Land & Live logo
HAI Online Academy logo
HAI Safety Accreditation logo
HAI Partner Services logo

HAI HELI-EXPO Logo Enhancement

HAI Heli-Expo logo
Resource Center

HAI’s website hosted a significant amount of resources that were difficult to administer, identify, and discover. To make resources manageable, 10 Pound Gorilla built a dynamic resource center that gives administrators an easy way to list resources in multiple site sections and allows users to find resources easily.

HAI Dynamic Resource Center


10 Pound Gorilla also built several custom applications, including a photo contest module. The photo module allows for automatic upload of entries to HAI’s YouTube channel and storage of videos in the cloud. We also designed and implemented a social voting system for community nominations to encourage traffic, engagement, and promotion. Lastly, we built an internal scoring application for easy organization.

HAI Photo Contest custom application

Content Management

In order to maintain the quality of the new user experience, 10 Pound Gorilla customized the content management system to allow site administrators to edit content easily at both a macro and micro level without ever having to compromise aesthetics or functionality.

HAI full-proof content management(1)

HAI full-proof content management(2)

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